Best Whole Life Assurance


The best whole of life assurance is the plan that pays your loved ones the most on death for the least premium paid out by you! This sounds obvious but many customers make a mistake of buying a Guaranteed Over 50s Plan rather than seeking out the best whole of life assurance for their circumstances.

Underwritten Plans vs. Guaranteed (No Medical Questions) Plans

An underwritten whole of life assurance will provide much more cover than a Guaranteed or No Medical Question Life Assurance, that’s almost a certainty. However many customers will carry a medical condition of one sort or another in later life and so the premium quoted by the insurance company for a very healthy individual may rise following underwriting. Don’t let this put you off as even if the premium rate does rise you can then reduce the amount of life insurance the whole life assurance policy provides to bring the premium into budget.

Even After Underwriting The Underwritten Plan Will Be Better Than The Over 50s Plan.

In our experience provided the underwriter doesn’t decline to offer the cover the underwritten policy always providers the best whole life assurance on the market. Only if the cover is declined should customers chose to buy an Over 50s whole life assurance.

The Best Whole Life Assurance Provides Life Cover From Day 1.

The best whole life assurance in underwritten and provides life insurance from day 1 as opposed to the “Guaranteed” plans where you have to wait usually 2 years for the life cover to start. This is to stop terminally ill customers taking cover just before they die which would make the plan unsustainable for the insurer.